45 days but no answer yet!

The AYLS Blog has been up and running for about 45 days now but there is still no answer about the cause of AYLS!  Two possibilities have been raised by researchers, that it may be a Bacteria, or that it is caused by Phytoplasma.

Much more information is needed about the Worldwide Distribution of AYLS so whether you are a researcher, Extension Agent, Master Gardener, Fruit Club Member, Commercial Grower, or just a Backyard Grower, please use your networks and encourage anyone who is growing Actinidia vines to reply to this Blog whether AYLS is ABSENT or PRESENT.  It is equally important to know where AYLS is ABSENT as where it is PRESENT!

If you are a Plant Pathologist, please sign up to “Follow” this Blog.  If you can help with finding the cause through Labwork, please let me know.

Onward,   Kiwibob, Seattle