It’s 2015 and AYLS is back again!

It’s June 21, 2015 and as I expected, AYLS is back again this year in Seattle.  Symptoms began appearing on three leaves around June 1 and are now apparent on leaves of most smooth-skinned Actinidia species in my collection in rooted cuttings, potted plants, and plants in the ground.  One nearby Home Grower has reported AYLS on both his argutas and kolomiktas.

Since no progress was made in 2014 on identifying the responsible pathogen, it’s time for everyone who views this Blog to send the link to all Actinidia Growers they know, and to any Fruit Growing Groups you are a Member of.  Particularly important is enlisting the help of Plant Pathologists, so if you know any, make sure to send them the link and ask for their help.  Please sign in to “Follow” this Blog so you will get an automatic e-mail notification of any new posts, of which this is only the fourth post since the Blog was created in August 2014.  By working cooperatively together, we might be able to identify the cause of AYLS in 2015!

I’ve added a new page for AYLS photos taken in 2015. If you reported that AYLS was PRESENT or ABSENT in your Actinidia collection in 2014, please send me a report for 2015 as soon as you see AYLS appear, or around late August if AYLS is ABSENT from your collection, giving me your location (nearest town), which Actinidia species you are growing, and an e-mail address so I can contact you. If AYLS is PRESENT, please take 3-4 digital photos about 200-400kb in size and send them to the Blog email address.

Many of the affected leaves in my collection have small insect bodies on the back side of the leaf.  I suspect that AYLS is transmitted by insects and know of two test cases here in Seattle where Home Gardeners purchased Actinidia plants during 2014 that came from sources that don’t have AYLS.  Later this Summer, I’ll report whether those plants have been infected since their purchase and planting in the ground last year.

Also planned for 2015 is the addition of a Researchers page which I hope will facilitate communication between Plant Pathologists, Actinidia Researchers, and Agriculture Extension Agents.

Again, please sign up to “Follow” this Blog so you will get automatic e-mail notifications of any new posts.

Happy Growing,
Seattle, Washington, USA