2015 Summary Report

Although AYLS symptoms were not as severe as in 2014, as 2015 ends, there is still no answer of what causes AYLS!

A new round of tests in 2015 for Bacterial, Fungal, and (Potyvirus complex) Viral causes all came out Negative!

Two cases that I followed of presumably “clean” Actinidia arguta plants purchased in 2014 indicate that AYLS is communicable!  The first case consisted of 2 vines purchased in early Spring 2014 and planted in the ground in Seattle.  By mid-July 2015, one of the two showed clear AYLS symptoms.  The second case is one vine purchased in Summer 2014 and still in a pot in Seattle.  It showed clear AYLS symptoms by mid-August 2015.

Several new reports of PRESENT were submitted in 2015, all from King & Pierce Counties in Western Washington.  These reports were the first from each specific location and should not be construed as a spreading of AYLS.  Two reports of ABSENT were submitted in 2015, one from Corvallis Oregon, and the other from Delaware.  Many more locations need to report if AYLS is ABSENT or PRESENT for the Worldwide Map of AYLS to become a useful tool in the search for a cause.

Hopefully 2016 will bring answers instead of more questions.

Happy New Year,   “Kiwibob”, Seattle Washington, USA