Time to check your Kiwi plants for AYLS

The first signs of AYLS were visible on potted Actinidia vines on June 1 and have since appeared on 7 (arguta, hypoleuca, kolomikta, macrosperma, melanandra, polygama, & tetramera) of my 12 Actinidia species as well as on plants in other locations in Seattle.  Symptoms are now becoming visible on Hardy Kiwi vines planted in the ground.  It’s time to start checking your Kiwi plants for AYLS.  If symptoms aren’t visible yet, check your plants about every 10-15 days from now until early September.  As soon as symptoms are visible, please report PRESENT as noted on the “About AYLS” page.  If no symptoms are visible by September 1, please report ABSENT at that time.

Since all Bacterial, Fungal, and Viral tests thus far have returned NEGATIVE, we need to get a much better idea of where AYLS is affecting Actinidia vines to focus on the possible cause.

Thanks,   “kiwibob”,  Seattle, Washington, USA