AYLS is back again for 2017, later than past years!

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AYLS first appeared at my place in Seattle this year on a potted seedling arguta on June 25 2017, about 25 days later than 2015 & 2016!  The late appearance caused me to question what triggers the onset of AYLS?  Examining the uspest.org website came up with one answer, Degree Days!  Based on the onset of AYLS in 2015 & 2016, and estimated time of onset in 2014, it appears that there is a correlation between onset and about 1,500 degree days as calculated by their model for Seattle station C6259.  In the USA and parts of Canada, you can find your local station using the Map at this link:  http://uspest.org/cgi-bin/ddmodel.us

None of the Plant Pathologists on my e-mail list have responded yet to my inquiry as to the apparent Degree Day correlation and what that might suggest may be the cause, but I will do another post if it suggests a possible cause.

Since June 25, it has become visible on potted kolomikta & melanandra plants as well as more argutas.  On July 4, AYLS appeared on a single leaf of one of my in-ground argutas so it is progressing, but not as rampant as in 2014.

Anyone who grows Actinidia vines should fill out a Report form on either the Home page or the Map of AYLS locations Worldwide page.  The Report form has fields for both AYLS is PRESENT and AYLS is ABSENT at your location.  Knowing where AYLS is ABSENT is just as important as knowing where it is PRESENT!  If AYLS is PRESENT on your vines and you know the date symptoms first appeared, please report that date in the comments field.

Bob Glanzman,
Seattle, WA. USA