Map of AYLS locations Worldwide

MAP PAGE LAST UPDATED: August 18, 2017

NOTE: As of May 7, 2016 if the Worldwide Map doesn’t display above, It may be a Browser issue, and you may need to use Google Chrome to view the Map!

Yellow Markers = AYLS is PRESENT in these locations
Green Markers = AYLS has been reported ABSENT in these locations
Green Pin = only A. deliciosa reported, AYLS is ABSENT
Red Markers = AYLS was first reported ABSENT but later confirmed PRESENT
Orange Markers = AYLS was reported PRESENT but photos not submitted for confirmation

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What you can do to help:

To best understand the Worldwide distribution pattern of AYLS, it is equally important to know where it is ABSENT as well as where it is PRESENT! If you are growing Actinidia vines (especially A. arguta where it is easily visible), please report whether AYLS is PRESENT or ABSENT in your planting.  If AYLS is PRESENT, please report how many years you have noticed it.

Contact us:

You can contact this Blog by sending an e-mail to: <AT > preceded by < kiwifruitayls > with subject: Map AYLS, by filling out the form below, or by posting a comment (which will not be published but your location will be added to the Map).  Be sure to tell us Your Location, whether AYLS is ABSENT or PRESENT in your planting, and if PRESENT tell us how many years you have noticed it.