Where do we go from here?

The most important thing you can do to advance the effort to find the cause of AYLS is to sign up to “follow” this Blog and encourage other Actinidia Growers and Researchers to visit and “follow” as well!  Including the original August 3 post, this post is only the third one that would activate e-mail notice of an update.

If you are a Plant Pathologist or know anybody in that line of work, signing up to “follow” this Blog is especially important.  To date, the active participation of Plant Pathologists in the search for the cause of AYLS has thus far been missing!

As dormancy’s grip reaches all of the Northern Hemisphere, it signals a lost opportunity to find the cause of AYLS in 2014.  Attention will now shift to the Southern Hemisphere for the next six months, to determine locations where AYLS is ABSENT or PRESENT, and if PRESENT to hopefully find the cause. Everyone who sees this post is encouraged to contact any Actinidia Growers they know, especially those Growers in the Southern Hemisphere, and invite them to visit this Blog and to report if AYLS is ABSENT or PRESENT in their plants.

Many more reports of ABSENT or PRESENT are needed to make any sense out of the distribution of AYLS.  Considering that AYLS is PRESENT in all 19 of 19 locations observed or reported throughout the city of Seattle and in several nearby communities, it appears AYLS is easily transmittable from plant to plant over distances that suggest insects are the likely transmission vector.

Again, please sign up to “follow” this Blog.  Only by working together will we find the cause of AYLS!

Kiwibob Glanzman
Seattle, Washington, USA